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Yemaya is one of the most venerated Orishas in the Yoruba faith, known for her nurturing and protective qualities. She is often associated with the sea and motherhood, embodying the essence of life and creation.


Yemaya, sometimes spelled Yemoja, is considered the mother of all Orishas and the goddess of the ocean. She is a powerful and nurturing deity who oversees the seas and all forms of water. Yemaya is often depicted as a mermaid or a beautiful woman adorned with seashells and pearls. She is the embodiment of maternal love, fertility, and protection.


The colors associated with Yemaya are blue and white, symbolizing the ocean and its foamy waves. These colors reflect her dominion over the sea and her purity.

Attributes and Symbols

Yemaya’s symbols include seashells, fish, and other sea creatures, reflecting her connection to the ocean. She is also associated with the moon, silver, and water in all its forms. Often, she is depicted carrying a fan or mirror, emphasizing her beauty and grace.

Benefits of Receiving Yemaya

Receiving Yemaya’s blessings can offer numerous benefits to her devotees, including:

  1. Protection: Yemaya is known for her protective nature, especially over women and children. She offers safety and shelter, much like the sea embraces those who enter it.
  2. Nurturing and Maternal Care: As the mother of all, Yemaya provides nurturing care, emotional support, and healing. She aids in matters of fertility and childbearing.
  3. Emotional Healing: Yemaya helps heal emotional wounds and provides comfort during times of sorrow or distress. Her calming presence can soothe turbulent emotions.
  4. Abundance and Prosperity: The ocean is vast and bountiful, and Yemaya’s blessings can bring abundance and prosperity to her devotees. She ensures that their needs are met and supports their endeavors.
  5. Spiritual Growth and Guidance: Yemaya guides her followers towards spiritual growth, helping them navigate their spiritual journeys with wisdom and compassion.
  6. Harmony and Balance: Her connection to water symbolizes fluidity and adaptability. Yemaya helps her followers maintain balance and harmony in their lives.

Worship and Offerings

Worship of Yemaya often involves offerings of foods and items that resonate with the sea. Common offerings include fish, watermelon, molasses, and white flowers. Devotees may also offer blue and white candles, silver jewelry, and seashells. Rituals dedicated to Yemaya are often performed near bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, and especially the ocean, to honor her connection to the aquatic realm.

Feast Day and Festivals

Yemaya’s feast day is typically celebrated on September 7th in many traditions. Festivities include rituals, prayers, and offerings to the sea, where devotees gather to honor her and seek her blessings.


In syncretic traditions such as Santería, Yemaya is often associated with Our Lady of Regla, a Catholic representation of the Virgin Mary. This blending of beliefs highlights Yemaya's nurturing and protective aspects.

In summary, Yemaya is a central figure in the Yoruba faith, representing the ocean, motherhood, and protection. Her blessings bring nurturing care, emotional healing, abundance, and spiritual guidance, making her a cherished and powerful Orisha in the lives of her devotees.