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Ochosi, also known as Ochossi or Oxossi, is a prominent Orisha in the Yoruba religion, revered as the deity of hunting, justice, and wilderness. He is often associated with Ogun and Eleggua, forming a trinity of warriors and protectors in the Yoruba pantheon. Ochosi is revered for his keen intelligence, sharp aim, and unwavering sense of justice.


Ochosi is depicted as a skilled hunter, often holding a bow and arrow, symbolizing his precision and ability to hit his target with accuracy. He is also associated with dogs, which are considered his sacred animals and companions in the hunt. Ochosi embodies the principles of fairness, balance, and ethical conduct, acting as a guardian of societal order and protector of the innocent.


The colors associated with Ochosi are blue and yellow. These colors represent his connection to the sky, where he hunts, as well as his association with justice and spirituality.

Attributes and Symbols

Ochosi’s symbols include:

  • Bow and arrow: Representing his skill as a hunter and his ability to hit targets with precision.
  • Dogs: Symbolizing loyalty, protection, and companionship in the hunt.
  • Scales of justice: Signifying his role as a guardian of fairness and ethical conduct.
  • Feathers and horns: Reflecting his connection to the wilderness and the spirits of the forest.

Benefits of Receiving Ochosi

Receiving the blessings of Ochosi brings numerous benefits to his devotees, including:

  1. Protection and Guidance: Ochosi offers protection against injustice, oppression, and wrongdoing, guiding his followers on the path of righteousness.
  2. Success in Hunting and Ventures: He bestows success and abundance in hunting, as well as in endeavors requiring strategy, focus, and precision.
  3. Justice and Fairness: Ochosi upholds principles of justice, ensuring that wrongs are righted and balance is restored in society.
  4. Spiritual Insight: He grants spiritual insight and clarity, helping his devotees make wise decisions and navigate life’s challenges.
  5. Connection to Nature: Ochosi fosters a deep connection to nature and the spirits of the wilderness, promoting harmony and respect for the natural world.

Worship and Offerings

Worship of Ochosi often involves rituals and offerings that honor his hunting prowess and sense of justice. Common offerings include:

  • Blue and yellow candles: Used to invoke Ochosi‚Äôs presence and connect with his energy.
  • Bow and arrow: Offerings of miniature bows and arrows symbolize his hunting abilities and are placed on altars.
  • Dogs: Offerings of food or treats for dogs honor Ochosi‚Äôs sacred companionship in the hunt.
  • Fruits, grains, and other offerings: Offerings of fruits and grains symbolize abundance and are presented as tokens of gratitude.


In syncretic traditions like Santería, Ochosi is sometimes syncretized with Catholic saints such as Saint Norbert or Saint Sebastian, reflecting the blending of Yoruba and Christian beliefs.

Reception with Ogun

In some rituals, particularly in Santería, Ochosi is received alongside Ogun, the Orisha of iron, warfare, and technology. This combination reflects the synergistic relationship between the two Orishas, with Ochosi providing the aim and precision, while Ogun provides the strength and determination. In the cauldron, where initiations and receptions take place, Ochosi is received along with Ogun to ensure a balanced and comprehensive initiation, embodying both the precision of Ochosi's aim and the strength of Ogun's resolve.


Ochosi is a revered Orisha in the Yoruba religion, embodying hunting prowess, justice, and fairness. Through rituals and offerings, devotees seek his protection, guidance, and success in hunting and ventures. Ochosi’s keen intelligence, sense of justice, and connection to nature make him a beloved deity, revered for his unwavering commitment to righteousness and ethical conduct.