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Nanú, also known as Nana Burukú or Nana Buluku, is a revered deity in various African spiritual traditions, particularly in the Yoruba religion and its diasporic offshoots like Santería and Candomblé. When you mention Nanú being received with Azojuano, it likely refers to a specific ritual or ceremony within the Santería tradition.

Nanú in Santería

In Santería, Nanú is often syncretized with Nana Burukú, a deity associated with creation, fertility, and the primordial waters. Azojuano, also known as Babalú-Ayé, is another Orisha in Santería, often associated with healing, disease, and affliction.

Ritual Reception with Azojuano

The reception of Nanú with Azojuano in Santería likely refers to a ritualistic ceremony where an individual is initiated or received into the priesthood of these Orishas. The ceremony typically involves various rites, prayers, offerings, and symbolic actions conducted by experienced practitioners or priests.

During the reception, the devotee may undergo spiritual purification, receive blessings from the Orishas, and establish a sacred bond with Nanú and Azojuano. The specific rituals and protocols involved can vary based on the lineage, tradition, and individual circumstances of the devotee.

Significance of Nanú and Azojuano

Nanú and Azojuano are both revered Orishas in Santería, each with their own unique attributes and associations. Nanú/Nana Burukú is honored as the mother of creation, while Azojuano/Babalú-Ayé is revered for his healing powers and his role in managing diseases and afflictions.

Receiving Nanú with Azojuano in a ritual ceremony signifies a deep spiritual connection with these Orishas and may confer various benefits to the devotee, including protection, healing, and spiritual growth. The ceremony is often regarded as a significant milestone in the devotee's journey within the Santería tradition, marking their dedication to the worship and service of these powerful Orishas.


The reception of Nanú with Azojuano in Santería is a profound and sacred ritual that symbolizes the devotee's commitment to the worship and service of these Orishas. Through this ceremony, devotees seek spiritual guidance, healing, and blessings from Nanú and Azojuano, fostering a deeper connection with these divine entities within the rich tapestry of Santería spirituality.