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Nana Buruku

Nana Buruku, also known simply as Nana or Nana Buluku, is a revered deity in several African spiritual traditions, particularly in the Yoruba religion and its diasporic offshoots like Santería and Candomblé. Nana Buruku is often regarded as the supreme mother of the universe, the primordial deity from which all life emanates.


Nana Buruku is typically depicted as an elderly woman, symbolizing wisdom, experience, and the nurturing aspects of the divine feminine. She embodies the creative force that gave birth to the universe and all living beings. Nana Buruku is revered as the matriarch of the Orishas, the divine beings in the Yoruba pantheon, and she is often invoked at the beginning of rituals to seek her blessings and guidance.

Attributes and Symbols

Nana Buruku’s symbols include:

  • The Moon: Representing her connection to the cycles of life, fertility, and the divine feminine.
  • Clay and Mud: Symbolizing the earth and the creative act of molding life forms.
  • Water: Reflecting her association with the primordial waters of creation and the source of all life.
  • Babies and Children: Signifying her role as the mother of all living beings and the nurturer of humanity.


The colors associated with Nana Buruku vary depending on regional and individual interpretations. However, earthy tones such as brown, green, and white are commonly associated with her, symbolizing her connection to the earth, nature, and purity.

Benefits of Honoring Nana Buruku

Honoring Nana Buruku brings numerous benefits to her devotees, including:

  1. Creation and Fertility: Nana Buruku is revered as the mother of all life, and her blessings bring fertility, abundance, and prosperity.
  2. Wisdom and Guidance: As the supreme mother figure, Nana Buruku imparts wisdom, guidance, and nurturing support to her followers.
  3. Protection and Comfort: She provides protection and comfort, especially in times of need, hardship, or transition.
  4. Harmony and Balance: Nana Buruku promotes harmony and balance in the universe, fostering peace, stability, and well-being.
  5. Connection to Ancestry: She facilitates a connection to one's ancestral roots, fostering a sense of belonging and continuity with the past.

Worship and Offerings

Worship of Nana Buruku often involves rituals and offerings that honor her creative and nurturing attributes. Common offerings include:

  • Water: Offerings of clean water symbolize purification, renewal, and the life-giving properties of Nana Buruku.
  • Fruits and Grains: Offerings of fruits, grains, and other agricultural products represent fertility, abundance, and sustenance.
  • Clay and Mud: Offerings of clay and mud symbolize the earth and the creative act of molding life forms.
  • Babies and Children: Offerings of toys, clothes, or sweets for children honor Nana Buruku's role as the mother of all living beings.


In various Afro-Caribbean traditions, Nana Buruku may be syncretized with Catholic saints such as Saint Anne or Our Lady of Regla, reflecting the blending of African and Christian beliefs.


Nana Buruku is a revered deity in African spiritual traditions, embodying the creative and nurturing aspects of the divine feminine. As the supreme mother figure, she brings blessings of creation, fertility, wisdom, protection, and harmony to her devotees. Through rituals and offerings, followers honor Nana Buruku's sacred presence and seek her guidance in navigating the cycles of life and the mysteries of the universe.